Breaking down opioid abuse trends in America’s workforce

Posted April 20th 2016 by Glenwood Barbee

The use and abuse of prescription opioids continues to be a challenging and costly crisis for the U.S. Despite the breadth and seriousness of this crisis, America’s employers lack a true understanding of how opioid abuse impacts employees in the workforce and their families.

We released research on prescription opioid abuse in the workforce to provide employers with a more accurate picture of the extent and depth of this ongoing crisis. Among other insights, we found that:

  • Nearly one out of every three opioid prescriptions is being abused
  • Opioid abusers cost employers nearly twice as much in medical expenses on average annually as non-abusers

See our infographic below and download the report to learn how you can address this crisis in your workforce.



Understand the true cost of opioid abuse to your company and its employees

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