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JPM Healthcare Conference: A look back at the week, and ahead to the future

As the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference wrapped up last week, I took the opportunity to look back to how far we’ve come since we began attending the conference several years ago. Healthcare has been undergoing a profound shift, giving patients and providers more tools to improve health outcomes and payers more power to address rising… Read more >

Posted January 16th 2018 by John Doyle

Vicki Ryan

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Join Castlight Health: One Team On A Mission Making Things Happen

At Castlight Health, our culture means everything. Not only does it define who we are, but it  prioritizes our path and drives us to succeed. One TeamOur people are everything. It’s obvious, but without them, we don’t have a company and we can’t deliver on our promise to improve healthcare and wellbeing for millions of… Read more >

Posted July 10th 2017 by Vicki Ryan


Interview with Kurbo Health: Fun, Engaging Benefits for the Whole Family

Quality health benefits programs are designed to promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles among your employees, while controlling healthcare costs for both employer and employees. But, neither of these aims should stop with your employee population. The most successful health benefits programs should connect and engage with employees’ families, helping them to improve their health and… Read more >

Posted June 15th 2017 by Castlight Health


Mental Health: Moving Beyond Awareness

One in five – that is the number of Americans adults who experience a mental health issue. In fact, according to a report in Health Affairs, treating mental health conditions cost more than any other medical condition nationally in 2013, at a staggering $201 billion. Fortunately, employers are becoming aware of this urgent problem. A… Read more >

Posted May 31st 2017 by Castlight Health

John Doyle

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The Next Phase for Castlight Health

At Castlight, we have always had an ambitious mission: empowering people to make the best choices for their health and helping companies make the most of their health benefits. We were a pioneer in healthcare transparency and decision support. More recently, we have been able to push further, offering employees a personalized and guided benefits… Read more >

Posted April 3rd 2017 by John Doyle


What do the Fortune’s Best Places to Work have in common? They use Jiff.

For 20 years, Fortune has published a list of the 100 Best Places to Work, identifying the places with high employee satisfaction. All the companies on Fortune’s list each year share one thing: happy employees. But, a number of companies on the list also share another: Castlight’s Jiff Enterprise Navigator. This year Castlight is delighted to… Read more >

Posted March 28th 2017 by Castlight Health

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NetApp Employee Engagement Soars with Castlight’s Jiff Enterprise Navigator

Recently, Castlight and NetApp hosted a joint webinar to take a closer look at how companies can shake up their health and wellbeing offerings to improve employee engagement. When NetApp partnered with Castlight by using Jiff Enterprise Navigator, the company was able to exceed employee engagement expectations by 20 percent, experiencing some of the highest engagement… Read more >

Posted March 23rd 2017 by Castlight Health


Interview With SmartQuit Creator Brandon Masterson

We’ve heard that sitting is the new smoking, but that doesn’t mean smoking has become any healthier for you. In fact, smoking is still the leading cause of preventable death, disease, and healthcare spending in the United States. And, studies show that an average employer spends an additional $6,000 in healthcare costs and lost productivity… Read more >

Posted March 21st 2017 by Castlight Health

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Happy Moms, Healthy Kids, and Lower Healthcare Costs

One of the most significant health-related decisions in employees’ lives is starting or expanding their families. As an employer, integrating reproductive and maternity health programs into your employee benefits package is an important way to show that you care about your employees’  and their families’ health. While these benefits are valuable for the employer-employee relationship,… Read more >

Posted March 20th 2017 by Castlight Health


Meet Your Competition

When it comes to communications, wasn’t technology supposed to make our lives easier?
Well, it turns out that reaching your employees is harder than ever! Your communications are not getting through because they’re competing with more than 280 messages every day. The emails, meetings, calls, texts, tweets, posts and YOU are all competing for that precious slice of employee attention.

Posted March 20th 2017 by Castlight Health

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Personalized Healthcare Benefits Needed for Chronic Disease

Half of all American adults have at least one chronic condition, and almost one in three have multiple chronic conditions. Caring for these widespread chronic conditions accounts for 86 percent of our nation’s $3.2 trillion in health care costs. According to the CDC, the three most expensive diseases are all chronic conditions. With diabetes costs… Read more >

Posted March 3rd 2017 by Castlight Health