Bringing Mindfulness to the Workplace

What’s motivating top employers to consider mindfulness training?

Join Castlight and our newest partner Whil for an hour-long webinar on employer-sponsored mindfulness programs. Joe Burton, Whil’s founder and CEO, and Wendy Kinney, Vice President of National Accounts at Castlight, will present on the value of mindfulness and resilience training in the workplace and how large employers are positioning these trainings as strategic advantages.

Maternal Health Redefined: How Employers Can Enhance Support for Expectant Mothers

Giving birth marks one of life’s most important milestones for many women and families. But it also represents a significant cost driver for employers, with maternity care accounting for the majority of hospitalizations for women between ages 19 to 44. In this webinar, Leah Binder, CEO of The Leapfrog Group, Paris Wallace, CEO of Ovia Health, and Kristin Torres Mowat, SVP of Castlight, will present on trends in maternal health and ways employers can support their employees along their motherhood journey.

Personalized Benefits Communication: How Viacom Tailored Their Benefit Programs to Drive Employee Engagement

Engaging employees in their healthcare is difficult these days. This webinar will show you how to make it easier (and more effective). You’ll hear Adam Entenberg, Vice President Employee Benefits at Viacom Inc., explain what personalized, timely communications have done for their employees’ healthcare engagement.

Why engaging your employees in their benefits is so important

With rising healthcare costs and communications overload, employers today need better ways to engage their employees in their benefits. Getting your message through to employees – and empowering them to make better healthcare decisions – is critical to achieving the ROI you deserve.

Comprehensive Wellbeing: NetApp’sAll-in-One Approach to Health Minds, Bodies, and Wallets

NetApp transitioned their wellness program to a platform-based model, utilizing technology and services powered by Jiff. NetApp’s goal was to deliver a highly engaging and fully comprehensive suite of wellbeing tools to promote healthy minds, bodies, and wallets. In this webinar, NetApp’s Rachelle Taylor will review the results of the initiative, as well as her… Read more >

Castlight + Jiff: A new vision for employee health

In April, Castlight and Jiff came together to form one company, with the goal of building the most comprehensive health platform on the market. Together, the combined company will serve more than 240 customers, including over 70 of the Fortune 500. During this webinar, Castlight’s Pierce Graham-Jones and Maeve O’Meara provide a sneak peak of… Read more >

How to Market Benefits to Drive Real Engagement

Reaching employees is harder than ever! Communications are not getting through because they’re competing with more than 280 messages every day. Join Samantha Goldman, Head of Consumer Marketing at Castlight Health to learn a simple framework that you can apply to get started on marketing your benefits.

How Mobile has Changed the Rules of Engagement

Want employees to engage more with their benefits? Then you’ll need to meet them where they are — on their smartphones. Join featured speakers Jonathan Rende, Chief R&D Officer at Castlight Health, and Ruta Raju, Castlight’s Senior Director of User Experience & Design, to learn how mobile is changing the rules of engagement.

Employee Engagement Fundamentals Webinar: how Eaton achieved record employee participation

Join featured speakers Gordon Harman, VP Global Benefits of global power management company Eaton, and Jessica van der Wal, Head of User Growth, Castlight Health to learn how Eaton achieved a whopping 87% employee engagement rate by following Employee Engagement Fundamentals.

Preparing for 2017 Benefits Planning

As healthcare costs continue to increase, what strategies should employers consider to hold down costs? How can they best engage employees? Hear from Employee Benefit News and industry to explore trends to consider for the new year by viewing this on-demand webinar.

Maternal Health Redefined.

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